Philicia Montgomery – Poetry

My name is Philicia Montgomery, I am from Jamaica Queens NY, and I am currently attending Buffalo State College for my M.A. in English. I have been published in Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Literary Juice, Elm Leaves: A Magazine of the Arts, and The Nickel City Review. Writing has always been the only thing that gives me butterflies. When I get inspired on the train or the bus or in class staring into space, the thought of writing that story or poem makes me all giddy. If I could have one wish, I would wish that I never lose that feeling. Even after I write my first book and many others, I hope that my heart will always skip a beat when an idea eases its way into my mind.

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Pel Doski – Poetry

I am a senior Kurdish student from Nashville, Tennessee. I write about my people and culture and have performed at the Kurdish New Year’s Celebration and at Tennessee’s State Level Poetry Out Loud competition. Poetry is a way for me to raise awareness for my often overlooked people and express my controversial view points on issues.

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Frank Diamond – Poetry

I have had 30 years writing and editing experience for newspapers, magazines, and television, and am currently the managing editor of Managed Care Magazine. I have released a novel, The Pilgrim Soul, and a short story collection, Damage Control. I’ve had hundreds of articles and columns published in outlets including the Philadelphia Inquirer,Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Bulletin. My short stories have appeared inInnisfree, and Kola: A Black Literary Magazine. I have had poetry published inPhiladelphia StoriesFox Chase Review,and Black Bottom Review. I also wrote the Bloom’s Guide (competitor with CliffsNotes) for The Handmaid’s Tale. I live in Langhorne, Pa., with my wife, Kate, and daughter, Emily.

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JC Reilly – Poetry


JC Reilly’s poems appear in Southern Women’s Review, the Xavier ReviewFlyover Country Review, Dirty ChaiKentrucky Review, and other journals.  She is the author of the Finishing Line Press chapbook, La Petite Mort, and a 25% author of the Poetry Atlanta anthology, On Occasion:  Four Poets, One Year which came out this past April.  She lives in Atlanta with her husband, three cats, and a sticky-fingered ghost who likes to hide keys and cell phones.

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Falconhead – Poetry

When not walking the moonlit streets of the Night, Falconhead is writing poetry, short stories and plays. His work has appeared in Antiphon, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, Wilde Magazine, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Thick Jam, Poetica Magazine, Camas: The Nature of The West, Thin Air Magazine, Glitterwolf, Whistling Fire, Two Hawks Quarterly, Rock & Sling, and Adanna Literary Journal, Green Wind Press’s “Words Fly Away” Anthology, among others, and is forthcoming in several publications.

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Bethany Brown – Poetry

Biography: I’m a 15-year-old freshman. I use art, poetry, and music to bat away the days’ struggles. I am currently employed in the field of body modification.


Games played and no one wins
My love is one of seven sins
Love is a mental disorder
More complex than bi-polar
Where hearts and fingers interlock
Emotions die like a broken clock
Eating me away with each slow tick
Heavy breaths that make me sick
True loves with many faces
Yet hearts in shallow places.

Casey Schmehl – Poetry

Biography: I love to read. I am into fantasy and Greek mythology. I love participating in things like drama, Megacon, Comicon, etc….I also like using the computer for digital art and am an artist. I am very committed to whatever I am involved in and I like helping people.

Stupid Love

All of that playful whispering,
The painfully made mistakes,
The feeling of being trapped in branches,
The feeling of being drowned in a lake,
The things I wish I could forget, but still I remember.
I can feel the rage in my veins.
The truth now seems so clear and silvery!
Pain and sorrow is now all that remains.

Nurian Santiago-Cortes – Poetry

Biography: I enjoy writing different things from stories to poetry to fan-fiction. I do take requests for stories and other things like that. My ultimate writing dream is to write a script and have it used in a play or small movie.

A Woman is Like a Rose

A rose has a story of many forms
A woman does as well
The beauty of a rose is infinite
There is infinite beauty in a woman as well
A withered torn up rose
Is the same as a woman’s broken heart
If you take care of that rose it will bloom again
It is the same as mending a woman’s broken heart
In the end they both find their purpose again
A purpose that will last a lifetime