Philicia Montgomery – Poetry

My name is Philicia Montgomery, I am from Jamaica Queens NY, and I am currently attending Buffalo State College for my M.A. in English. I have been published in Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Literary Juice, Elm Leaves: A Magazine of the Arts, and The Nickel City Review. Writing has always been the only thing that gives me butterflies. When I get inspired on the train or the bus or in class staring into space, the thought of writing that story or poem makes me all giddy. If I could have one wish, I would wish that I never lose that feeling. Even after I write my first book and many others, I hope that my heart will always skip a beat when an idea eases its way into my mind.

Amusement Park                                                                                              
    Double dates, heartbeats                                                                             
Lit Ferris wheel lights glisten
Long lines of couples

He is behind her
Wants his arms around her waist
Calm before chaos

Roller coasters roar
She wants his warm hand in hers
Anxiety fills

Seat belts for safety
Warnings are given, don’t sue
Everything’s a-go

Slow ascend begins                                     Hair flies, arms raise, hoots
Thumping hearts jump into throat              Her hand finds his in the air
The ride dips and falls                                                United fingers

Eyes open and close                                                    Hands don’t pull apart
Lights are blurring through fun tears                  Ride after ride finds swinging
The ride stops, laughter                                                         Smiling inside out

Balls knock down bottles                                           Fireworks signal
Cheers and claps hoorah efforts                                             Closing parks, hope all enjoyed
Teddy bears are won                                                     Garbage litters floor

Darkened, long drive home                                        Walks her to white door
Silent car ride, licking lips                                           Jingling keys, hesitance
Car in front of house                                                      Goodnight kiss on lips

Hearts blossom, doors close
Her back to the wall, smiles form
His lips tingle home.


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