Pel Doski – Poetry

I am a senior Kurdish student from Nashville, Tennessee. I write about my people and culture and have performed at the Kurdish New Year’s Celebration and at Tennessee’s State Level Poetry Out Loud competition. Poetry is a way for me to raise awareness for my often overlooked people and express my controversial view points on issues.

Something happens to Edelweisses
After a storm so harsh and a wind so bitter,
Something happens to the seeds.

Flowers with stems of iron
And petals of golden defiance,
Flowers with leaves so large
And roots so deep
That the rudest yank and strongest wind
Couldn’t pull them from the ground.

Those flowers are loose now,
And inch from the surface their roots gasp
Those flowers are broken now.
Don’t absorb from the ground away from home.

All the plants who fight to live
Are they not the strongest of the crop?
Yet why do the seedlings of those flop
In the simplest of circumstances
And wither at the glance of a gust
And the glare of sunshine?

Why do the seeds fight for an independence
That was granted long before their birth?
Has baby forgotten the long summers and winters
That led to this moment?

The genes of deep roots and reflecting petals
Are recessive as baby grows into an emulation.
Baby doesn’t bleed red, yellow, and green,
Baby absorbs from the ground away from home

The seeds are American and free
A different freedom
The seeds are planted and watered
Given an endless ticking of childhood


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