Book Review – Kiana Anthony


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Before I read The Commandant of Lubizec, I thought this would be another one of these usual fiction books. However, it’s much more. A commandant of a Nazi death camp murders thousands then goes home to his family like nothing happened? Brilliant. I learned tons more about the Holocaust than I already knew. Patrick Hicks takes you into a real Nazi death camp and instead of only the guards’ or prisoners’ points of view, you’ll get to hear both sides.

When I read this book I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the prisoners of the camp and I kept hating the commandant for what he did. I felt his wife was too naive to believe what her husband supposedly told her about the camp even though she tried to figure out what he did.

This book is for anyone who enjoys history or would like to read the book just to see how different it is. I loved the book and maybe you will too.

The novel will be available for purchase March 2014 for $15 and is published by Steerforth Press. It will be sold at most major online retailers in paper and digital formats. For more information, click on the cover to the left.

While we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it is often easier said than done. That is why publishers go through so much trouble designing the book covers you see on shelves today. However, we rarely get a glimpse into the process. Below is the original cover for The Commandant of Lubizec and publisher of Steerforth Press, Chip Fleischer’s explanation on how the one you see below became the one you’ll have on your bookshelf at home.


The sales reps felt the blue of the first one gave the appearance of a fantasy novel rather than historical fiction.

The reps felt that the Teutonic font on the blue cover would be hard for the American eye to read.

The swastika was removed because we want to sell copies of the book in Europe and it is illegal to sell anything with a swastika on it in Germany. Not only is there a large English language market in Germany, but also German wholesalers supply English language books to other countries in central and northern Europe and they would not be able to handle the title with a swastika on it either.


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