Sara Halas – Fiction

Biography: I am a University student from Perth, Western Australia. I have previously pitched this short story to The New Yorker who informed me that although they couldn’t publish it, they recognized that it indicated promise and advised me to keep writing and reading. I have previously had my poetry published in Inclement Poetry Magazine and Westward Quarterly. 

Neither Happy Nor Sad

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Bethany Brown – Poetry

Biography: I’m a 15-year-old freshman. I use art, poetry, and music to bat away the days’ struggles. I am currently employed in the field of body modification.


Games played and no one wins
My love is one of seven sins
Love is a mental disorder
More complex than bi-polar
Where hearts and fingers interlock
Emotions die like a broken clock
Eating me away with each slow tick
Heavy breaths that make me sick
True loves with many faces
Yet hearts in shallow places.

Casey Schmehl – Poetry

Biography: I love to read. I am into fantasy and Greek mythology. I love participating in things like drama, Megacon, Comicon, etc….I also like using the computer for digital art and am an artist. I am very committed to whatever I am involved in and I like helping people.

Stupid Love

All of that playful whispering,
The painfully made mistakes,
The feeling of being trapped in branches,
The feeling of being drowned in a lake,
The things I wish I could forget, but still I remember.
I can feel the rage in my veins.
The truth now seems so clear and silvery!
Pain and sorrow is now all that remains.

Nurian Santiago-Cortes – Poetry

Biography: I enjoy writing different things from stories to poetry to fan-fiction. I do take requests for stories and other things like that. My ultimate writing dream is to write a script and have it used in a play or small movie.

A Woman is Like a Rose

A rose has a story of many forms
A woman does as well
The beauty of a rose is infinite
There is infinite beauty in a woman as well
A withered torn up rose
Is the same as a woman’s broken heart
If you take care of that rose it will bloom again
It is the same as mending a woman’s broken heart
In the end they both find their purpose again
A purpose that will last a lifetime