Luther Hughes – Poetry


Biography: Luther Hughes is an undergraduate student in the creative writing program at Columbia College Chicago, in which he is the founder of the poetry organization called, “ink.” He has also published poetry in literary journals, some of which can be seen or is forthcoming in Espial, The Voices Project, Apeiron Review, Chicago Review, and Storyacious.


My best-friend had fairy-tales
tied to his eyes; brisk

and golden between
every blink, hazel

as sunrise, politely
speaking – beautiful.

The breeze beneath his
cheeks followed my

laughter, supple and
dank. We flowered

time between our hands,
held space between our lips.

Mornings were lullabies, his
arms were black holes. Once,

we woke up without dreams.

Our bodies, the mangled reality
of friendships, grew pale.

I love you; an accusation. We settled
atop dying clouds riding the

distant sun. Dawn was figurative.
His eyes were anchored in last

midnight where we slept in two
different beds.

The Gospel

I miss the nights we praised we each other
beneath the blind moon,
laughing at the thought of
being caught mid-worship. I miss
walking down fence
flanked alley
ways clenching on to
your sea-kissed hands while
the warming breeze of your lips
carried my ear;
fields of red would cloud my face,
as you’d preach something like
  you’re almost beautiful enough.


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