Jasmine Morrow – Poetry


He was holding me in the hospital, then he disappeared – never with me through my obstacles. So my mom did everything my dad didn’t do, and it’s not that he couldn’t do it, he decided not to. Fighting every day but in the end, we knew the truth. It went from “I love you” to “I hate you, you don’t do anything for me.” I swear I never meant it, she was a great mother even at 40. As for my dad, you can’t even call yourself a father. Why make a daughter if you can’t do anything for her? But I must admit, my life has been great without you. My mother is doing everything you as a man should do. But don’t call yourself a man, because even though having a baby wasn’t planned, you could’ve at least been a friend to me. You could’ve called every now and then but we don’t even speak. That’s the LEAST you could do. But where were you when I needed you to look up to? No father figure, no one to protect me. I swear, your best attribute is being a dead beat. When I accomplish my goals , don’t try to contact me. While you’re doing bad, I’ll be doing me. It hurts, doesn’t it? After all, I am your seed. Now you see what you’ve done to me because when you could’ve been in my life, you decided you’d rather leave.

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