Camilla Ruiz – Poetry

We Feel The Same

I see you people around me 
and wonder in my brain 
Of all the pain and sadness 
hidden to look sane 

Do you go through the day 
with a smile on your face
To hide the longing for a 
distant, better place

Do you make People laugh
and wipe their tears
While in your heart 
you hide your fears?

Do you urge people on
for a better tomorrow
When deep inside 
you die from your sorrows?

I see you people 
and know your pain 
Because deep in my head 
I feel the same

You put on a rue 
for the world to see:
That smile, that laugh,
the look of glee

You long for a point 
of no pain and sorrow 
Don’t worry your soul…

Maybe tomorrow 


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