Desiree Jung


Desirée Jung is a Canadian-Brazilian writer and translator. Her background is in film and literature. She has received her M. F. A in Creative Writing and her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. She has published translations and poetry in Exile, The Dirty Goat, Modern Poetry in Translation, The Antagonish Review, The Haro, The Literary Yard, Black Bottom Review, Gravel Magazine, Tree House, Bricolage, Hamilton Stone Review, Ijagun Poetry Journal, Scapegoat Review, Storyacious, among others. She lives in Vancouver, Canada. 


He says goodbye
to a piece of himself.

In the sand, the sun heats his back
and undoes his son’s work,
desire of former times.

The man has ingrown skin,
wordless periwinkle. Slowly,
the ocean swell gives cadence
to his wife’s image, beside him.

It’s a brief encounter, polished
nails and oily asphalt,
distract her from his attention.

Affection on the sidewalk, hands touch accidently.

Sometimes he builds castles with his son
just to see when they come down.

He misses her proximity, despite the other one,
in her apartment.

The man doesn’t understand
the rhythm of the tide
but doesn’t ask either.

He wonders where the shadows
and the shapes of the sand castles end up
after the storm.


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